David Tibbs of Digital Maze /Extortionist

To all of our current and potential clients, due to some technical issues we have incurred on some of our websites lately, we may have been unavailable to discuss your claims online. For that, the Consumer Claims Center would like to apologize and add that these issues are not putting anyone’s information at risk, but we would like to be truthful about the root of these problems. David Tibbs of Thailand, a former employee of our founder, has taken what he has learned about the business of managing claims from us and opened up his own place, Digital Maze, overseas.

When he parted ways, he was supposed to maintain some minimal  web work for our company, but instead of working David Tibbs and his wife, Karina Graco of the Australian School in Thailand, chose to use/steal the insights given to them by our founder for their own financial gain. Before this had even come into the light, Tibbs had begun to harass our founder for more money. Though the work that had been sent out for him had remained unfinished and he had taken inside information, he was still collecting a paycheck. This was when the threats came. Over the last year or so, we have had our integrity threatened to clients and even legal associates, had webpages damaged, and our founder and his family have been threatened.mask extortionist

We will not be extorted by anyone, especially someone as insignificant as David Tibbs.

He has added dead links and other tricks to our websites that Google does not approve of, in short, this has put our webpages out of the sight of the victims that depend on us to find the next step in their litigation process. These are merely childish attempts to solve a problem that he has created for himself and we will not play along.

At the Consumer Claims Center we are able to handle issues like this with professionalism and dignity, but we will not allow or negate the fact that this man has stopped consumers that may have been hurt by these medications or suffering from a surgery recall go without finding help they need to get them the compensation they deserve.

David Tibbs is grasping at straws trying to take down our websites for his own competitive advantages and he is smart enough to incriminate himself via email “To celebrate the penalty on your domain www.actosclaims.com . I thought id backlink bp claims for you….its the least I can do to help………..this just 1 of 7 servers………feel like paying what you owe me?” The part that is the worst thing is that we are not in it for the pay check, we are a very small company that is beginning a revolution among the people to stand up for themselves against these companies that are frankly infringing on our rights as Americans. By the way, Mr. Tibbs we will not deal with this and by the end, extortion will not pay and you will receive exactly what you deserve.

As for our law partners and new clients, there is no threat here and we will continue to service plaintiffs at the Consumer Claims Center as long as these companies continue to take advantage of the weak, we will be there. 


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