The Truth About David Tibbs

tibbs picTo all of the people that have met me and have had the opportunity to work with me over the last few years, I would like you all to know the truth about David Tibbs. I am sure you are all somewhat familiar with his online endeavors marking me as a pedophile and a crook. I would like to put out there as a response to his slander and malice that I am in fact a loving father myself and am also very passionate about my work, which is all for the “little guy” being taken advantage of by corporations and pharmaceutical companies. There is no truth to these posts and the fact of the matter is that David Tibbs is nothing more than a liar and an extortionist.

Not that long ago David Tibbs worked for me doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) projects for my multiple websites. This was about the time of the BP Oil crisis and we were in business to help the small businesses and individuals affected by this get compensation for BP’s negligence, so I thought. We were getting a lot of calls for the actual BP Claims center and we were asked to change the wording on our banners to reflect the differences in our companies. Due to the fact that none of these claims were ours and we could not help them, I agreed. David, however, felt differently and refused to take the old banners down. I ended up having them removed and letting him go with a severance package that would be paid monthly to him. We agreed on $1,200 per month and for a few months things went smoothly, but soon after that he emailed me demanding $2,000 per month and threatened my reputation if I didn’t deliver. My response was of course that I would not give into internet extortion and that was it.

Sadly, that was not it and this whole mess began to take form. David Tibbs has slandered my name across the web, sent spam mail bad-mouthing me professionally to many of the law groups I work closely with, and spent his time maliciously making websites that undermine mine over the last few years. He has threatened not only me, but my wife and two children; not to mention my business as it stands and also future endeavors. I have endured his harassment on multiple platforms, Skype being the main one, but there are also many direct emails and messages all pretty much saying the same thing, “Pay me what you owe me, or I will ruin you.”

Well Mr. Tibbs, it seems to me that I had sent you a lot of work, which was not completed, and trusted you with valuable information, which you used for personal gain (or stole, whichever description you see fit)
and therefore I owe you nothing. Frankly, I want to thank you for not only bringing my family and I closer together, but for giving me a good laugh over the years because you are nobody and your copy cat business is not only a joke, but is based on stolen information. I also want to thank you for exposing the dishonesty within my own company as I have now moved on and am on the track to succeeding with partners that are in it for the public, just as my interest has always been. By the way Mr. Tibbs, in case you are unaware, blackmail is illegal. I don’t care who your friends are, they don’t cause the slightest disruption in my life, so if I were you I would just crawl back to whatever rock you crawled out from under and remember, have a nice day.

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